A Message from Fr. Hurley (November 6, 2022)

News November 2, 2022

Grand Annual Letter 2022

Dear Parishioners,

As the end of the year approaches, it is time to consider the financial needs of our parish. The Grand Annual Collection is critical in meeting the monetary and physical needs of the parish. The Grand Annual Collection is our most important financial resource. Considering the significance of this single effort, I cannot stress enough how important each and every person is to the outcome of this collection. We need the participation of all. If all contribute in some way, the Grand Annual Collection will approach the real costs incurred by our parish. This would alleviate many issues and allow us to do so much more. Currently, we operate at a minimal level in nearly every area. We have deferred necessary maintenance work for the church and facilities which will cost more down the road.

The scriptures present Moses as an icon of God’s goodness and grace at work as His Church battles to overcome our worldly adversaries. We are all faced with adversaries of some sort…physical, mental or spiritual. But in this icon of God’s grace, Moses did not function in this role by himself. Aaron and Hur provided essential support to Moses, the Church, by holding up his arms. These figures represent support we all need, the church needs and especially this parish needs. Each of us plays a supporting role just as Aaron and Hur did for Moses.

I like to think of the Grand Annual Collection as the critical support necessary for the church to operate and God’s people to be victorious.

We all support in varied and unique ways but this is one common effort where all can contribute. Please consider giving this year. We need your support.

I am witnessing our parish picking up momentum in many areas and this is awesome to see. By your participation in the Grand Annual Collection you will support this momentum and we will grow into the awesome people God is calling us to be. This parish and this church exist to support you in the call God placed in your heart.

Our Sunday Eucharist is flourishing, parishioners are active in ministry, and we look with hope to the future of our parish.

If possible, I ask you to consider a gift of $500 or more. You could consider doing this with two monthly installments. Please return the Grand Annual gift card indicating your gift. You may place it in the Sunday Collection if you are able to be with us at Mass or return it to the parish by mail.

Fr. Paul K. Hurley