A Message from Fr. Hurley (August 15, 2021)

News August 15, 2021

Peace be with you,

This Sunday we celebrate the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. This truth is a dogma of our faith and is part of the deposit of faith received from the Apostles. This is also referred to as the Dormition of Mary in the Eastern Rites. I like this title because it communicates the true nature of our lives created by God. Dormition refers to the peaceful sleep of Mary, the Mother of God, as her bodily life on earth ends and her heavenly eternal life is fulfilled. For us who are tainted by sin, we hope to participate in this same fullness, body and soul, in eternal life through the salvation provided by the resurrection of Lord Jesus Christ. It is also a clue about how important our bodies are in eternal life as well as in earthly life. Otherwise, why would Mary’s body have gone through this unique Assumption! Mary was without sin and therefore not subject to the death of her body.

On a more practical note, today’s Gospel for this Feast contains Mary’s fiat. I say practical in the sense that her fiat, her yes, is a perfect model for us in our lives. She is the ultimate disciple and model for surrender to God’s will. This is what all discipleship is oriented toward. We are all called to use our gifts, talents, and treasures to fulfill God’s will in this life.

I encourage everyone to spend some time reflecting on this awesome Gospel from Luke and the words of Mary, Mother of God, the perfect disciple. “My soul proclaims the greatness of the Lord…” Lk 1.

In the near future I hope we can begin a campaign of stewardship here at St. Mary parish. With our patron St. Mary to guide us, we should consider the ways we too may proclaim the greatness of the Lord. We all have gifts that can somehow serve others. This is a great time to begin praying about this and thinking about how the unique gifts we possess may be shared for the good of others. I believe this is the true life of a member of the body of Christ. Each member of the body has an essential purpose that allows the body to live, grow and thrive. Each time we gather to worship and praise God, we are fed with His Word and His Body and Blood. Then we are blessed and dismissed, or sent out, to love and serve the Lord by our lives!

For me this is the ultimate call to Evangelize the world. We may do it at home, or at work, or in the community, or outside the community through a charitable act. We are all sent out to Evangelize somehow, and in some way. However, it also requires our own type of fiat… of saying “Yes.”

The Blessed Mother Mary will help us on our path. Our parish patroness is the ultimate model for us to turn to as we consider how our lives proclaim the greatness of the Lord.


Fr. Hurley