Lenten Prayers and Reflections – Little Black Book

News February 22, 2022

St. Mary Parish is happy to be able to provide the Little Black Book – your companion for Lent – to help deepen our prayer life during this Lenten season. This book provides reflections based on the parables of Jesus. The goal is to find six minutes of quiet time every day during Lent to walk through this book a page at a time. Also, thanks to our team of volunteers, we were able to customize the books for our Parish by providing our Lenten Mass Schedule and Parish Mission (inside front cover) and Our Parish Prayer for Lent (inside back cover). The goal of Our Parish Prayer for Lent is to get all our parishioners to pray with each other by praying this prayer weekly during Lent.

The books will be available after Masses this weekend (February 26 & 27) in baskets on the tables at the back of the church.