75th Anniversary of “Sheets of Hemroulle” Day

News November 16, 2022

November 23rd marks the 75th Anniversary of the 500 Sheets. A "Sheets for Hemroulle" day was held on Sunday, November 23, 1947, in Winchester to collect sheets for the citizens of Hemroulle, Belgium, who generously donated their sheets to U.S. troops during the Battle of the Bulge in World War II. Residents made their way to the high school auditorium bearing gifts of clean white sheets for the citizens of Hemroulle. Altogether about 740 sheets were collected.

St. Mary’s played an important part in this outreach event, and we continue outreach today through the efforts organized by our Disciples in Action. As we get ready to kick off our Advent Outreach next week, we wanted to take a moment to recognize this historical event. To hear more, please watch Fr. Hurley’s video here on our website (and see the story about the Stations of the Cross painting in the sanctuary).

Be sure to check next week’s bulletin for ways to be included in St. Mary’s Parish outreach.