Confirmation 2021-22

Dear Candidate and Parents, 

The information requested below is necessary to record your Confirmation in the parish records.  Please complete the entire form using full/formal names (no nicknames) and submit by Wednesday, December 22, 2201.

Choose a Sponsor for Confirmation.  A sponsor is a practicing Confirmed Catholic who supports you in your faith journey.  It can be your Godparent, Grandparent, a relative other than a parent, respected adult.  If your sponsor is unable to travel to be with you at Confirmation, a parent can act as proxy for your sponsor.

Choose a Confirmation Name.  Please choose a saint's name for your Confirmation.  If your Baptismal name is already a saint's name, you may choose to use that.

If you have any questions, please send an email to the CCD office at [email protected].

Thank you.

In all fields below, please provide formal names only, no nicknames please.

Candidate Name

Fill this in ONLY IF your Sponsor is unable to attend your Confirmation ceremony. If so, please choose a Proxy for them:

Sponsor Parish City and State