Father Richard Messina

Our beloved Fr. Dick passed peacefully at 12:30 p.m. on October 12, 2017, surrounded by loving family. His funeral service was on October 16, 2017. He was appointed pastor of St. Mary's on Sept. 19, 1993 and served until his retirement in 2015.

Father Richard Messina

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Every day brings new life
Every moment brings new hope
Do not be afraid to enjoy what is beautiful
Or to believe in the world
Even though it has sometimes disappointed you.

Most of all, believe in yourself.
Believe that your life makes a difference.
In this world of many people
Believe that all your experiences
Have a purpose
Even the bad ones and those that cause pain.
Believe that you can turn a dark moment
Into a sun filled day
And you will do it.

Believe in other people.
They, too, are often misunderstood
Just like you
May times, they only need a friend
Who cares enough to make them laugh.
Be that friend.

Do not waste life.
Its moments are special.
Feel only good things
Speak only words of love
Listen to people of peace.

Believe that you are good
And you will become good.
Believe that others are good
And you will help them become good.
Believe that life is good
And you will have a good life.

Give a special gift to the world.
Give yourself!

—Rev. Richard C. Messina