A Message from Fr. Richard Erikson, St. Mary’s New Pastoral Administrator

Fr. Richard Erikson

Dear Friends,

It seems appropriate that we will begin our journey together this weekend on Good Shepherd Sunday. At Mass you will hear God's word reminding us that God takes care of his children and he wants us to take care of each other. I consider it to be a great honor to shepherd the faith family of St. Mary. I have heard so many wonderful things about life and ministry here. It is a great privilege to be your pastoral administrator (a.k.a. pastor). I am humbled by and grateful for the 143 year legacy of St. Mary's Parish. I intend to honor our legacy and to build on this great foundation. I am so grateful for all who have devoted so much to our parish life, including our lay ministers, staff and our priests, pastors and administrators—most recently Fathers Messina, Beaulieu, Bova Conti, and Mulloy. I am grateful for our resident priests, Fathers McGowan and Keville, and for the loving care they give to our parish family. My prayer and my commitment is that I will be a good shepherd for you and that we will be one flock, united by, in, and for Jesus Christ. As we begin our journey together, I promise to love, to listen, to learn and to lead. Thank you for your warm welcome and for your prayers. Jesus the Good Shepherd, pray for us.

Easter blessings,
Fr. Rich Erikson

More information about Father Erikson can be found here.