Taize Prayer Service: Prayer of Peace for Father Dick

Dear Fellow Parishioner,

By now most of you have heard the most distressing news that Fr. Dick Messina has a very serious illness. His attitude remains, as always, positive. He will continue his ministry here as long as he is able. Keep him in your prayers.

On Sunday evening, May 7, at 6PM-7PM we will celebrate a Taize Prayer Service for peace in our hearts and in Fr. Dick’s heart. The Taize service consists of simple chants, proclaimed by all in attendance with musical accompaniment, a scripture reading, prayers for Fr. Dick, and a blessing. Following the service, light refreshments will be served in the Gathering Room.

Everyone is invited to write Fr. Dick a short or long note to be placed in a basket during the service and to light a candle for him. The notes will be brought to him to read after the service is over. Depending on how he is feeling, he may or may not be present. His energy levels are very low at this point so I encourage everyone to be as positive as possible when interacting with him. The prayer service is an opportunity for all of us as a community to share our feelings of grief and sadness with each other over this distressing news.

— Fr. Richard Beaulieu