Special Collection for COVID Response in India and Brazil (June 5/6)

As you may know, there is immense suffering and loss of life occurring in India and Brazil due to the pandemic. The Catholic Church, through Catholic Relief Services (CRS), is on the ground in those countries working to support local hospitals and programs which are being overwhelmed and which have reached a breaking point.

Given our own experience in the United States with regards to the pandemic and the important role the Church has in being able to respond to global events, we have an opportunity to assist relief efforts in India and Brazil.

With that in mind, Cardinal Seán has asked for an Emergency COVID special collection for the Church in India and Brazil to be taken this weekend (June 5/6) in all parishes in the Archdiocese of Boston.

The size and scope of the crisis is enormous. In India more 24 million cases have been reported with deaths surpassing 260,000. In Brazil, cases have surpassed 15 million while more than 428,000 deaths have been reported. This global pandemic is both historic and devastating in its impact. More than 161 million cases have been reported and with more than 3.3 million deaths.

To process this collection, please address your checks to St. Mary's, with “India and Brazil Relief” in the memo. Cash gifts will also be accepted and should be placed in the proper collection basket at the rear of church. You may also donate online at Emergency COVID Collection for the Church in India and Brazil | Archdiocese of Boston (bostoncatholic.org).

On behalf of the Cardinal, thank you for your attentiveness to this important collection and expression of our solidarity with those who are suffering.