Now more than ever: Support St. Mary’s

As the Church navigates the unchartered waters of suspended public ministry and essential community routines, St Mary’s church structures, physical and personnel, face a financial threat that is unprecedented. This perfect storm of financial threats, pre-existing deficits in our weekly and monthly offertory—as well as being $53,000 short on our Grand Annual goal—places St. Mary’s in an extraordinarily threatening financial situation. Without having a collection at Masses for an uncertain period of time, our financial health will continue to worsen. Despite the suspension of Masses and other ministries, we still have obligations to pay our employees and creditors, as well as to maintain our property and buildings.

Online Giving ( is a simple way to accomplish your offertory giving. If you need assistance with this, please contact the Parish Office. In addition you can still mail your envelopes or checks to the Parish Office. Please consider these extraordinary circumstances and give what you can (or more), as it is important to the vitality of the parish.

Thanks, Fr. Paul