NOTES FROM FR. MICHAEL (July 23, 2017)

The Rectory grill is wonderful! Fr. Joe and I have used it a number of times, and we even had an opportunity to share our culinary skills with Fr. Dick before he left for Maine. For many these summer weeks are usually a time for vacations, visiting family and friends, and getting projects done which have been postponed from busier times of the year. With more daylight hours and pleasant weather, some of us also may procrastinate getting all the things done we know should be done sooner rather than later. I sometimes fall into this category during these humid, lazy days of summer.

I have tried to keep up my early walking schedule while in Winchester and have seen many rabbits, sprinkler systems and only a few bicyclists out early in the mornings. I love the quiet and peaceful time of day to walk, pray and reflect. The construction workers arrive early as they continue the high school project, sounding as if they are working on the Rectory and not the school. I am assured that project completion is on schedule.

On Monday evening I met with the Collaborative Committee members from St. Mary Parish. I was interested to know how things have been going and areas where we might continue dialogue at collaboration. We have been given the date of June 1, 2019 by Cardinal Sean for St. Mary and St. Eulalia to become collaborative parishes. This means that there will be one priest appointed to serve as Pastor of both parishes and possibly another priest will serve with him as the Parochial Vicar. The finances of both parishes will be separate as well as expenses. What the parishes decide to do together to better advance evangelization, outreach and the promotion of vocations will be for the two parishes to mutually determine. I would encourage parishioners to explore the website to find out more about collaboration and some common answers to questions parishioners may have. May the Holy Spirit continue to grant the graces and wisdom needed as we move forward.

May the remaining weeks of summer be enjoyable, refreshing and relaxing for all parishioners and their families. My time with St. Mary Parish continues to bless me in countless ways, and I pray the Lord may continue to bless St. Mary parishioners with his love and care during these weeks and beyond.