Notes from Fr. Michael (August 6, 2017)

Dear Parishioners,
I don’t think we need to worry about drought in our area of the vineyard! Plenty of droplets from heaven have been blessing our lawns and gardens these weeks. Why is it we almost never seem to be happy with the changing weather we get in New England? One day may be unbearably hot and humid and the next we are needing a sweater or jacket.  Each day we wake is another blessing we try to be thankful for and an opportunity to share friendship and care with others.  Praise God for his love being bestowed upon us bountifully.

Many parishes throughout the archdiocese are using their internet connections to better communicate with parishioners in parishes and the wider community. Parishes use not only the weekly bulletin but also their websites, Facebook accounts, parish calendars, tweets, podcasts, live local cable broadcasts and many other media tools to bring the Good News of Jesus Christ to others. St. Paul is known for using the written word in his various letters to the early churches explaining the mysteries and teachings of Christ. Today, our Holy Father Francis in Rome, Cardinal Sean in Boston and many others involved in spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ use a variety of methods beyond the printed word on paper to build community and to share the truths of our faith.

Looking ahead to our future as a parish and pastoral planning, there is an ongoing need for better communication with all parishioners. Fewer persons seem to make the time to attend not only government town planning meetings but also church planning meetings. How to communicate is always a challenge. We have all been exposed to the hype about “fake news” and how that can generate responses and actions unproductive for the common good. In a similar way, rumors and inaccurate information can undermine the Good News of Jesus Christ that a parish is trying to live also.

In order for the parish to better communicate with parishioners, we are trying to expand our ability to use not only our online presence but also email to more efficiently share news with parishioners. If you have not already added an email address to our parish information, I am asking you to consider this request. Post office mailings are costly to the parish. Being good stewards of our resources is a responsibility we all need to work at. Paper costs, printing costs, labor costs, postage costs and other miscellaneous costs all add up. Your email addresses are kept as confidential information, and this will greatly help us. Please send updates to Donna Humphrey at  Please include Database Update in the subject line.

May the remaining weeks of summer continue to be a blessing for all in our parish.