Note from Father Michael – July 2, 2017

Since my arrival on June 1, I have come to know in a small way a man and priest you have loved for many years.  In these past few weeks, I have experienced his kindness, humor,   faithfulness and genuine concern for the parishioners of Saint Mary Parish. Before coming to St. Mary Parish,

I didn’t know Fr. Dick at all except through his good reputation among brother priests. Fr. Dick was about six years ahead of me in seminary with many of the same teachers and similar experiences in our formation.  I was at his and other ordinations to priesthood while a seminarian at Saint John Seminary. In these few short weeks, I have been blessed to know a little of the good man and good priest you have come to know and love over the years.

Through these years you have shared many celebrations, challenges and heart breaking moments in this Catholic Community and Winchester.  You and he together have been on a spirit-led journey involving your faith, your families and your friendships. We find sadness saying our goodbyes to friends and family members and this is also true for priests and parishioners.  Our faith tells us that our lives are changed, not ended, when the Lord calls us home.  Our faith and belief in the promise of the Risen Lord is what helps us to understand the mystery of our journey through this life.  In baptism we are given the promise of eternal life with God and all those who have fallen asleep in the Lord.  May Our Lord Jesus and the Blessed Mother continue to grant unto our brother Fr. Dick, the graces and blessings needed on his journey.

Fr. Dick, I am only one  priest in the Archdiocese of Boston, and I wish to say publicly, thank you for all the ways you have been a good priest and pastor to so many over the years here in Winchester and other parishes through the years.  You are a blessing and inspiration both to brother priests and the Church.