Dear Parishioners,
May I offer my heartfelt greetings to the faith community of Saint Mary Parish. Just back from my retreat in warm Florida, I got a call asking me to be the interim Administrator of your beautiful parish. I said yes to that request not so much because my bishop was asking me, but because Saint Mary Parish was well known to me as a very warm, welcoming, and effective parish. My two aunts and uncles raised their families here and loved their parish. Attending the powerful and moving funeral of Father Messina, I was reminded of what a wonderful community of believers and worshipers Saint Mary’s is. Father Erikson, soon to be your Administrator, wisely decided to request a delay since no successor for him was ready, and he did not feel it right to leave his people in Sudbury during the season of Holy Week, graduations, Confirmations, and First Communions. That delay allows me the privilege to be of service to you over the next six weeks. As we continue to grieve the loss of Father Messina, changes in parish staff, and even the tragedy this week in the library, may God bless us all with the strength and faith we need to continue God’s mission here in Winchester.
Fr. John