Those darn snow storms!! They just keep coming. We were just getting into Brother Michael’s mission message when another snowstorm approached forcing the cancellation of the third evening. When the mission started Monday night I was listening to him share his message from the back row of the church. In his quiet personal way, he led me into painful memories that needed the Lord’s healing. Looking around I saw how everyone in the church was riveted on his message. We as a parish are grateful for this humble Passionist brother’s visit to Saint Mary Parish.

Here we are into the first days of Spring. Today we begin our Holy Week. You know from the past how hard the staff who serve you prepare for this week. The liturgies from Palm Sunday to Easter have the potential to touch us deeply. These ancient and mysterious rites teach us about ourselves, our hunger for a sense of meaning, and our authentic relationship with God, our Creator and Redeemer. I cannot u

rge you enough to let go of the routine in your life and be a part of Holy Week. May I mention a special possibility this year.

Our Cathedral of the Holy Cross is undergoing much needed infrastructure renovations and has been closed. Ceremonies are being held in other churches. This Tuesday the Chrism Mass will be very near here at the Immaculate Conception Church in Malden, right off Route 28, about ten minutes from Saint Mary. At this Mass Cardinal Sean gathers with all the priests of the Archdiocese in a Mass that consecrates the Holy Oils to be used through the coming year. In addition, the priests renew their ordination vows in front of their bishop, Cardinal Sean. The whole thing is very impressive.

Having spent a little time in the hospital this past week and always getting more pills from the pharmacy, I was reminded the importance of the upcoming Easter collection. Your extraordinary contributions to this collection supports the healthcare of all the priests in the Archdiocese and the support funds for the Senior Priests (retired). On behalf of all the priests I thank you for your support next Sunday. May you have a grace filled Holy Week together.

Prayers always,

Fr. John