Thank you all for your warm welcome this past weekend. It was my first set of Sunday Masses at Saint Mary Parish and I was certainly impressed with the quality of all that was done: music, lectors, communion ministers, ushers, and the children's Liturgy of the Word. The whole experience expressed the talent and efforts made by the priests and the people here over many years. In this day and age of rushing around to so many tasks and events, the silent pause at the end of the final hymn for the three Hail Marys was particularly impressive.

We find ourselves these days in the holiest spiritual seasons of the entire year. Beginning on Ash Wednesday, we are now in the middle of Lent. I like to think of Lent as a time for looking into a special mirror that shows us the reality of our spiritual life and moral living so that we are “cleaned and dressed up for Easter Sunday, Easter Week, and the Easter Season. The highlight will happen on Easter Sunday when we renew our Baptismal Promises, remaking and reinforcing our personal relationship with Jesus as our Lord and Savior. This renewal then sends us into the many weeks of the Easter Season fired up to bring God's love into the world. Who could say that our world does not need more love? It is a blessing for me to be a part of your wonderful parish during this very special part of the year.

With peace and love,

Fr. John