MESSAGE FROM FR. JOHN – April 8, 2018

Saint Mary Parish certainly has a beautiful tradition of celebrating well Holy Week and Easter. So many people worked extremely hard to provide you the people of Saint Mary Parish with great music, wonderful youth involvement, and welcome to over two thousand people who arrived at the church for Easter. Personally, I am very appreciative of their efforts. I am also so grateful to God for allowing me to share in the Holy Week experience with all of you. You have set a high standard for good liturgy.

I call your attention to Anne Campbell’s comments in today’s bulletin. She reflects on the way a wonderful priest touched her life and the lives of so many others. Her message and the upcoming six-month anniversary of the death of Father Messina is a clarion call to all of us to work harder for vocations. A key reason, but not the only one, that parishes must share a pastor in the Disciples in Mission Plan is the lack of sufficient number of priests to lead every parish. If you are young, please think about responding. If you are older, like me, please do not hesitate to say to a young person: “Have you ever thought of being a priest, a vowed religious woman, a deacon?”

Now that Holy Week is over and we are in the beautiful Easter Season, it is time for each of us to plan how to make Father Richard Erikson welcome. It is never easy to leave a parish and find yourself in a new place with many new people to meet, new traditions to learn, new rooms to live in. You might think of inviting him to your home to meet with some neighbors and friends so that he can listen to your concerns and discover the many talented people in the parish family. As Sister used to tell our class in school: “Let’s put on our thinking caps!” I look forward to Friday morning, April 20, when he and I will concelebrate the 9 AM Mass as he begins his ministry among all of you.

Enjoy these fifty days of the Easter Season