Important Offertory Update

For the last 144 years, St. Mary Parish has been a place where we, as faithful, join in the celebration of the Eucharist, grow in our faith, and practice our religion as Catholics. Our parish family has come to know our church as sacred space to celebrate the joy of baptisms and weddings, commemorate the life of our beloved at a funeral, or to pray solemnly for our own special or communal intentions at weekly Mass. Now, more than ever, St. Mary's needs your support.

Since the suspension of weekly masses and other sacraments, our finances have been struggling. Our parish has continued to minister to our community in many new and creative ways. Fr. Hurley and Fr. Augustin continue to provide pastoral care and support to keep our parish family together. Our staff have been serving our community from home, and we have made many changes to ensure our precious financial resources are used judiciously. At the same time, we must meet our obligations, pay for utilities and other necessities, and manage maintenance of our six buildings and grounds – all without the offertory that is received via weekly Masses, funerals, baptisms, weddings, etc. Now with nearly nine weeks into no sustainable or predictable offertory, our church faces a potentially crippling difficulty. Last week our parish income, including offertory and donations, netted roughly $4,826. This is approximately half of our anticipated budget expectations and falls short of our obligations.

We certainly understand that during these unprecedented and uncertain times, some of you are also struggling with your own financial hardship and may not be in a position to financially support St. Mary's at this moment. Please know that we understand and are praying for you and your families. We ask in return that you pray for us!

If you are able to give , please remember that ONLINE GIVING remains the quickest and most effective way to accomplish your offertory giving. You can still MAIL your envelopes or checks to the Parish Office. For those attending daily adoration or quiet prayer in the Lower Church, there is a secure offertory box located outside the doors in the Gathering Room for those who wish to drop off their envelopes or donations (3pm-5pm). The link for online giving is listed below. If you need assistance with this, please contact the Parish Office.
Thank you for being such faithful parishioners.