CCD Coronavirus Update from Colleen DeBruyckere

(April 2, 2020) These past weeks have been unusual to say the least. I hope that you are all safe and well and finding the silver lining within the current upheaval. Even though we cannot meet in our classes, it is important to continue to think about, engage with, and join in activities centered on God. He will never cancel on us and He will always encourage our engagement with Him. Here are a few suggestions for some ways to allow God and Church to join you at home:

This week enjoy a movie night (or day) with your family—and God. Here are three picks that are sure to please:

Watch the film with your children so that you can talk about it together. Each of these suggestions has wonderful messaging and I am sure you will all enjoy.

Since we cannot go to Mass together, why don’t you watch it online? We can be in spiritual communion while being mindful of social distancing. This might be the opportunity to really pay attention (no rushing out the door to get there or sitting
too far from the activity on the altar for little ones to see) to what is happening during the Mass.

Start a new routine, by reading from the Bible. What great memories you can build by sharing passages from the New and Old Testament and talking about God and Jesus with your child. If they ask why you are now reading the ‘God book,’ just say, “We want to know and love God, and live our lives in the best way possible.”

Listen to some faith-based music. There are many resources online. Here are a few: