Under the Archdiocesan Disciples in Mission plan, St Mary's Parish will be joining St Eulalia's Parish as a Collaborative.  We will share a Pastor, a Pastoral Team and a Pastoral Council.  The members will be encouraged to work together, but each Parish will remain open and maintain its own identity – its own name, buildings and finances.

Here is a link from the Archdiocese of Boston website to Frequently Asked Questions about Collaboratives.

The following is from the above-referenced document.


A collaborative is a grouping of one, two, or three parishes that work together for the goal of evangelization.  A collaborative has one pastor, one set of assigned priests and deacons, and one Pastoral Team (including Pastoral Associates, Religious Education and Faith Formation leaders, Finance and Operations specialists, and administrative and facilities personnel).  All of these work together for all of the parishes of the collaborative.  The collaborative has one Pastoral Council, and one Local Pastoral Plan for evangelization.

The collaborative does not share money or bank accounts or other financial assets or obligations.  If Parish A and B form a collaborative, and you put your money in your offertory envelope or give online for Parish B, it will go into the bank account of Parish B, not Parish A.  If Parish B has obligations (debt, deferred maintenance, etc.) going into the collaborative, those obligations remain the obligations of Parish B alone, not Parish A.  The collaborative is not a legal or canonical entity.It does not have a federal tax payer number.  It does not have a bank account. It cannot own property.

Because the patrimony of each parish continues to belong to that parish, as well as the obligations of each Parish continuing to belong to that Parish, each Parish has its own Finance Council.  However, since many costs are shared, the finance councils of all of the Parishes in the collaborative may often meet together.

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