An Important Message on Getting “Back to Mass” (May 22, 2020)

We are currently preparing for getting "Back to Mass". As part of that preparation we will need everyone's help to succeed.

We are looking for parishioners to be part of a volunteer group to help us meet the requirements for us to begin Masses. We are hoping to begin with a limited number of Masses for Pentecost Weekend (May 30/31).

Our plan is to begin slowly and gradually to restore Mass to it’s fullest expression. But for now, it will be brief and restricted in many ways. The diocese is still operating under Cardinal Sean’s suspension of the obligation to attend Sunday Mass. It is also important to remember that folks who are more susceptible to infection, or are high risk, are still encouraged to stay at home for now.

More detail on how Mass will be conducted will follow this next week. Everything is tentative, and subject to my discretion. When I am confident we can meet all the restrictions, safety precautions, and celebrate Mass sacredly and reverently, then we will begin Masses here at St Mary’s.

If you are interested in volunteering for the "Back to Mass" group, please email

With sincere wishes for your continued health and safety,

Fr. Hurley