A Message from Fr. Hurley (May 24, 2020)

The Grace of Lord Jesus Christ, the Love of God and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all,

“… why are you standing there looking at the sky?”

This weekend we celebrate the Ascension of the Lord, and next Sunday is Pentecost. This was quite an Easter season. We certainly live in interesting times. The astonishing things we see today are not unlike the astonishing times of the first disciples.

The quotation I began with comes from today’s Acts of the Apostles reading. In it the angel appeared to the disciples in a bewildering time. Christ is risen and now commits another unimaginable, life-altering act by Ascending to the Father in order to ensure His command over all people forever. Much like a military operation where the commander takes the high ground in order to observe and direct the battle from the greatest advantage point. So, our Lord Ascends in order to ensure we are given the greatest advantage of His support for us.

As usual the disciples don’t get it at first, and consequently the angel reminds them about their role in Christ’s mission. Now Christ is in position to support and direct the disciples in that mission. So, for us as well, we too need to get back to work and stop “looking at the sky.” For us, I believe, looking at the sky is about the distractions in our lives that prevent us from participating more fully in the mission of Jesus Christ.

And we now have an important mission of getting back to celebrating the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. Currently, the diocese is providing some details of requirements that we must meet in order to get back to Mass. At this point, I want to caution folks to be patient with our initial startup. Of course, we all want to be safe and not cause any harm so we keep that in mind.

I hope we can begin this weekend of Ascension with some type of Mass schedule. But we need volunteers to help do sanitizing work in the church between Masses. Our custodian will get the supplies and direct the effort but we need volunteers for each Mass. Please call or email the parish so we can celebrate the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

Also, the first few weeks of Masses will be a bit different. But we will do our best, and as the reading from Acts today says; we will get back to work (praising God and worshiping the best we can)!

At this point, my message is really about the need we have for assistance in the work of getting back to celebrating Mass—even with some restrictions. The other need is keeping everyone aware of the on-going offertory needs we must maintain. Collection points will be available at the church, but by far the best offertory method is on-line. Please consider, if you are able, to try the on-line offertory method.

I look forward to seeing folks again, and continue to pray for safety of every member of St. Mary’s parish.

Fr. Paul