A Message from Fr. Hurley (January 10, 2020)

Merry Christmas everyone!

I wanted to get that one last Christmas greeting in as we conclude Christmas season today with the Baptism of the Lord. Tomorrow we are back to Ordinary Time.

As we conclude our celebration of the greatest gift the world has ever known, Our Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, coming into our lives, today the Lord is baptized for us. God, Jesus Christ, does not need to be baptized, but we do. This is all about us being marked with the Holy Spirit and entering into God’s life, way and truth. Everything about our lives here on this earth and in eternity is based on this baptism. This is more cause for rejoicing and orienting ourselves on what is most real and most important… our baptism into His life.

While we are rejoicing, I want to thank everyone who helped to make our Christmas season as real as possible. Many folks came forward to assist with Masses and all the requirements of pandemic Masses. It was a true Christmas spirit that kept everyone safe and reverent during this time. I am grateful for everyone; art and environment folks, security seating folks, ushers, sanitizer volunteers, lectors, musicians, communications committee, video streaming folks. These folks along with the staff were truly in the spirit of Christmas. I am looking forward to next Christmas already.

I also want to thank those who were respectful of the priority to prevent the spread of any virus. I know many folks made difficult choices to not attend Mass in order to reduce risks. This is also a great example of the Christmas spirit…. Sacrifice means to make holy. I appreciate the sacrifices of so many folks from St. Mary’s.

Along those lines I want to thank the family who memorialized their parents lives by donating the handsome flagpoles marking our awesome property. These flags are dedicated to those who gave their lives, their time, their well-being in service of others. They stand as a visible reminder of our lives given to serve God and one another. Some may not recognize the gold and white flag. This is referred to as the “Papal” flag and is essentially the Roman Catholic flag.
Peace and blessing to all St. Mary’s in this new year!

Fr. Hurley