A Message from Deacon Tony (November 8, 2020)

There is no question in my mind that each of us is being tested during this epidemic in a very unique way. Many of us who are of a more advanced age have taken this virus very seriously and have taken unusual measures to protect ourselves. My wife, Sylvia, and I have removed ourselves from most activities other than those which are absolutely necessary, like grocery shopping—and only then during the early “senior only” hour of the morning.

I miss seeing all of you at church as I have not been able to mingle very much—again for safety reasons. As many of you know, I lost my brother to Covid-19 in May. It has devastated the family, especially since he was in generally good health. It was another lesson that Covid-19 has no favorites and has attacked many people of all ages; hence my super precaution during the last several months.

Fr. Hurley and I are talking and beginning to find ways that I can be more active and connected with St. Mary’s and still remain safe. I miss all of the activities that were a part of my life before last March. But we all have to get used to the “new normal.”
I hope to see all of you sooner rather than later. I keep all of you in my prayers each day and hope that you are all managing well enough to get through this challenge.

With God’s Blessings for you all,
Deacon Tony