From the Pastor – September 11, 2018

Dear Friends,

The parishioners of our beloved parish of St. Mary have helped create a vibrant Catholic presence in our community and among the faithful for over 143 years.  Sal Caraviello has contributed substantially to our parish and community for well over two decades.  I have great admiration for Sal's ministry, which I have witnessed beautifully since arriving in April.  Recently, rumors and inaccurate information have been circulating.  This concerns me greatly.  As is a common professional standard, and out of respect for the privacy for all involved, I am unable to speak specifically to any personnel matters.  In time, we hope to be able to resolve the matter for the good of all concerned.  We ask for prayers for the parish family of St. Mary, including Sal and the entire staff.  You can be assured of my continued prayers as well.

Sincerely yours in Christ,

Fr. Richard Erikson